Friday, April 10, 2015

Making changes in my blog..

Now that our adoption of Arianna is complete, my blog will focus on our family growing together as one and learning to lean on God.

My husband and I are of the Catholic faith and are raising our children the same.  We are committed to our marriage and our love for one another, even through tough times.  Recently, our marriage was tested yet again, this time his family did not start the drama another outsider did, but as soon as his family learned there was conflict, they jumped on board to see what they could do to end our marriage.

I am saddened by a comment that my husbands brother made to him during this conflict.  "I don't support divorces since I am Catholic, but in this case divorce is the best option" hmmm, really? Sounds like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth.  How can a person consider themselves a faithful Catholic and support divorce?  Even our priest commented that those words did not come from a truly faithful Catholic, because as Catholics we are commanded to save and protect the sanctity of marriage, no matter what.  I believe the best words of advice coming from another Catholic should be "I am sorry you are going through such hard times with your wife, perhaps you should seek counsel from your priest before you consider the option of divorce,  When you married you made a covenant before God, one that should not be taken lightly."

Nobody is perfect, life is not perfect and we are tested on a daily basis.  When people try to break into my marriage and cause conflicts I find it very hard not to retaliate, but this time I am not.  I have been praying everyday for God to give me the strength and wisdom to overcome the words that have been said against me and to forgive the people who say them.

Life is moving forward for our family, we are growing closer together and spending more time in bible study and prayer together.

Now on to the updates:  Arianna saw her cardiologist this week and things don't look good for her. God knew exactly what he was doing by moving our adoption timeline up many weeks.  Arianna will be having heart surgery soon, they are preparing her for it and running many tests to be ready to repair and fix her broken heart.  She was diagnosed with Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect. This means she has a small hole in her Atrial chamber, a very large hole in her Ventricular chamber and instead of two valves she only has one.  She will need to have a second valve created and the holes closed so she can be healthy and no longer face the possibility of death.  Without the surgery her lungs get way too much blood flow, which results in her not breathing and turning blue, which can at some point result in death.  She also saw the Gastro doctor, who is running some tests and checking her anatomy to make sure everything is working great.  She will have a tough road over the next 2-3 months, but once she is recovered she will be healthy and should thrive and grow!!

Pray for our angel girl as she endures her many tests, procedures and surgeries.  I will keep updating as we move along this path.

God bless!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Few Pictures!!

Here are a few pictures from Easter morning.  Attempting to get all four girls in the picture is not an easy task, Arielle always runs towards the camera.

Arielle and Arianna look so much alike, Arianna is 6 months older than Arielle, but she is about the same size.  They wear the same 12 month size clothes.

Arianna has opened up so much since getting home.  She loves her sisters and interacts very well with everyone.  She is becoming a beautiful flower in the sunshine!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

So many updates!

We arrived home last Thursday the 26th very late at night. Have been trying to catch up on house cleaning, clothes and spending time with the girls. Arianna did very well traveling home, people on the plane did not even know she was there, she was that good!

She is adjusting very well. She can only sit, does not crawl or go from sitting to laying or laying to sitting.  Her upper body strength is very little. When she sits on the floor and plays with toys, Arielle takes them away and then I will hear grunting and see a small struggle until one of them gives in to the other. It is cute to watch and see who is going to exert their independence.  Arianna is getting very good and holding other ground until Arielle gives up and moves away.

Arianna is still getting used to Daddy. She was not around men except when seeing a doctor, on,y women work at the orphanage, so she is shy and timid and hides her eyes when talking to Daddy. But she is warming up nicely and before long will be a daddy's girl!

She had her first doctors appointment yesterday and they already have her scheduled to see the cardiologist. Her heart sounded that bad, they felt she needed to be seen immediately. We knew she has unresolved heart issues, so it's no surprise, but we did not realize it was that urgent. We will update more as we know more. Will update from my phone so I can post a picture, can't figure it out from my iPad.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Picked up our beautiful princess!

Well the day came and Maureen, now Arianna Joy Walter, is no longer an orphan.  She has a loving. Mommy and Daddy, and three sisters who love her dearly! We are still in Kiev waiting for her passport so the embassy can print her Visa inside it.  She is a joy and so much fun.  I brought her size 18 month clothes, but they are way too big, so she is close to a 12 month size and she is now two years old.  I brought her some pedia sure and she loves it, so we will be getting her fattened up within the next six months.  Right now her hip bones and spine stick out, but Arielle was the same way when we brought her home, so I know she will do well.  Hope to go home Wednesday, if all goes well.  Thank you for all the prayers and financial help, she has been blessed and will now flourish and grow into a beautiful young woman of God!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Court complete......

We got home yesterday evening from Ukraine, yes I can say that now that Court is over.  All went well and now we can pick her up on Tuesday March 17th!  I could not post while there cause for some reason the internet was very shotty this time.  All other times I have never had any issues with the internet service, so it was weird.  Plus it was a very short, hectic trip.

I am pleased to introduce Arianna Joy Walter.

She is a precious little angel, so loving and cuddly and we cannot wait to pick her up and get her home.  She deserves a loving Mommy and Daddy and sisters.  I always tear up and almost cry in Court when the Director of the orphanage tells the Court that she was abandoned at birth and brought to orphanage and how she has never had any visitors or people call to check on her, visit her in person or support her in any way.  It is very sad to me that a person can walk away from such a beautiful precious child, but their loss is our gain.

Again, we want to thank everyone who has supported our endeavors through prayers and donations, we could not have done it without your help, thank you!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2nd trip soon...

Our Court date was originally March 3rd and now has been pushed to Friday March 6th.  So airline tickets have been purchased and we are ready to leave next Wednesday.  It will be a short trip, arrive, travel to region, have Court, visit the next day and then home on Sunday.  Cannot wait to see our precious baby girl again, I have missed her so much.  But I keep telling myself, not much longer and she will be home with us.  Our pick up date will be March 17th, so we are almost there!

I have been researching pediatric occupational and physical therapy in our area.  Looks like I will have to drive over an hour to Dallas to get the therapy she will need.  We currently use ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) they come to your home and help, but they cannot offer the type of services in our home that I feel Arianna is going to need.  Her little body is limp, she has no body strength at all.  When you lay her on the floor she can only hold up her head and nothing else.  Bless her little heart she cries when you put her down on the floor, but I guess if it took so much work to lay there I would cry to.

On the other hand, she loves to be held and cuddle, so I a ready for lots of that! Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey through prayers and donations, we are grateful, God bless you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Home from first trip

We traveled home on Sunday and were happy to see our little girls!!  We will return to Eastern Europe on March 1st, for Court on March 3rd.  Nice to get home, see our girls, clean house and get organized again for trip number two.  Things will move quickly as I have a lot to do.  Cannot wait to get back and have our day in Court to officially make Maureen ours.  Thank you to all who donate and pray for Maureen and our family!